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Developments Netspar Management

The Supervisory Board of the Netspar Foundation has appointed Casper van Ewijk for a second term as Director. Also, as of June 1, 2017, Marike Knoef will join Netspar’s Board of Directors. Within this function Marike will focus on establishing Netspar’s Work program 2019-2023. Casper van Ewijk re-appointed as director of the Netspar Foundation The Supervisory Board of the Netspar Foundation has appointed Casper…

Netspar Brief 9: More individual responsibility in geriatric care: wishes and possibilities

There is a lot of variation in the willingness to pay for geriatric care. That is the main conclusion of Netspar's research on the extent to which people are able and willing to pay for their own moderate levels of geriatric care themselves. Although the majority of the Dutch expect health care costs to increase and the pension is insufficient, there is a lot...

Housing, Healthcare and Retirement

Integrated approach Retirement is increasingly seen as a central part of the financial planning for the benefit of old age. Thereby people are striking a balance between money now and money later. Housing and Care play an important role there, in their own way. Home ownership is both a stable place to live as a nest egg for old age. Many people worry whether...

Communication and Fiduciary Duty

Financial planning for retirement generally receives less attention from individuals than might be considered wise. A large gap also exists between the knowledge and expertise of the providers of pension products and their clients. For the areas where a “fiduciary duty” already exists as a legal obligation, Netspar has examined what a “desirable” variant of this duty might be. The objective of the fiduciary...

Netspar relevant papers on pension issues at election time

One of Netspar’s objectives is to systematically explore and describe the options for providing people with sound retirement provisions – now and in the future – and to contribute to a well-informed pension debate. In the run-up to parliament elections we have collected a selection of the most relevant recent publications to provide insight and depth to the four principle directions outlined by the SZW in…

Netspar Brief 8: The Value of Customization for Pensions

Customization of pension and retirement plans can yield many benefits and should therefore play a central role in the discussions surrounding the reform of the pension system. That is the conclusion of a Netspar study of the added value of customization in pension and retirement plans. The tremendous value that can be generated for members, when combined with good management of the risks, emphasizes…

“When you link together economics, spatial planning, policy and politics, you can make real headway.”

An interview with Netspar Thesis Award winner Wendy van Kessel It was not necessarily an obvious choice for a student of architecture and urban planning to submit her thesis to Netspar. “I just happened upon Netspar and the thesis awards by chance,” says winner Wendy van Kessel. “But the topic of my thesis had many areas that overlap with retirement financing. My research was…

Netspar papers on projected interest rates in dc schemes

The new Dutch legislation for DC pensions, which makes it possible to take investment risk in the retirement phases of DC schemes, went into effect on September 1, 2016. Netspar has written several reports for the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) related to this legislation. The most recent report was published by the ministry on December 15, 2016. Netspar researchers also…

The added value of sharing risk with future generations

Reading tips In addition, the following underlying papers, referenced to in the report, are also made accessible (in alphabetical order): Bonenkamp, J., L. Frehen en J. de Haan (2016), “De toegevoegde waarde van intergenerationele risicodeling bezien vanuit het ALM perspectief” Bovenberg A.L. (2016), “Beleggen voor geboorte en risicodeling met de toekomst: een analytische benadering” Lever M. en T. Michielsen (2016a), “Risk sharing in individual…

Netspar Brief 7: Self-employed fail to fulfil their pension ambitions

When it comes to the amount of pension and the desired retirement date, self-employed and wage-employed people share the same ambitions. However, a Netspar analysis shows that the self-employed often lack, for a large part, a mandatory occupational pension. Also they save too little voluntarily, have non-substantial business equity and are vulnerable in the housing market. Therefore, they have a far lesser chance of...

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is a thinktank and knowledge network. Netspar is dedicated to promoting a wider understanding of the economic and social implications of pensions, aging and retirement in the Netherlands and Europe.


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